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Pearl & Crystal Illusion Style Necklace
Item # 9539-01

Pearl crystal jewelry set
Pearl & Crystal Illusion Style Necklace
Showing: pink
Pearl & Crystal Illusion Style Necklace  in pink Pearl & Crystal Illusion Style Necklace  in brown

More color options (see specification for details)

An elegant choice for your bridesmaid jewelry! This pink crystal & glass pearl necklace ends in a gorgeous pearl and crystal pendant for a soft look.

Bridesmaid necklace comes with a 3 extender so you have the flexibility to extend it to the desirable length. Matching bridesmaid earrings are available. Necklace and earrings each sold separately. Available in assorted colors, guarantee to match any wedding theme color.

Great free jewelry pouch if you purchase the bridesmaid necklace and earrings as a set!

See our Crystal Bead Color Chart and Pearl Color Chart.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Rush order is possible.

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List Pirce:

Color of Plating
Pearl Color
4mm Crystal Bead Color
Buy as a Set & Save
Length of Necklace

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  • Pearl Color
    pearl color
    White Pearl Cream Pearl Mocha Pearl Gold Pearl Taupe Pearl Bronze Pearl Yellow Pearl Matte Gold Pearl Coco Brown Pearl Peach Pearl Coral Pearl Pink Pearl Red Pearl Cranberry Pearl Fuchsia Pearl Lilac Pearl Light Purple Pearl Purple Pearl Matte Purple Pearl Matte Lavender Pearl Plum Pearl Light Plum Pearl Powder Blue Pearl Sapphire Pearl Matte Sapphire Pearl Matte Light Sapphire Pearl Blue Pearl Black Pearl Light Green Pearl Olivine Pearl Matte Olivine Pearl Matte Green Pearl Green Pearl Forest Green Pearl Light Grey Pearl Matte Grey Pearl Grey Pearl
  • Crystal Bead Color
    crystal bead color
    Crystal Crystal Bead AB Crystal Crystal Bead Yellow Crystal Bead AB Light Yellow Crystal Bead AB Orange Crystal Bead AB Topaz Crystal Bead Topaz Crystal Bead Orange-lilac Crystal Bead AB Light Pink Crystal Bead Pink Crystal Bead Matte Peach Crystal Bead AB Light Plum Crystal Bead Plum Crystal Bead AB Plum Crystal Bead Metallic Light Purple Crystal Bead Matte Purple Crystal Bead Purple Crystal Bead AB Light Purple Crystal Bead Fuschia Crystal Bead Bright Red Crystal Bead Red Crystal Bead Burgundy Crystal Bead Bronze Crystal Bead AB Grey Crystal Bead Hematite Crystal Bead AB Black Crystal Bead Light Green Crystal Bead Green Crystal Bead AB Sapphire Crystal Bead Powder Blue Crystal Bead Light Blue Crystal Bead AB Light Blue Crystal Bead Blue Crystal Bead AB Blue Crystal Bead Aquamarine Crystal Bead Matte Aquamarine Crystal Bead Aqua-green Crystal Bead Black, AB Light Green
  • Color of Plating
    Silver, Gold
  • Necklace Pearl Size
    4 & 8mm
  • Necklace Length
    15'', 14'', 13'', 12'', 16'', 17'', 18'', 19'', 20'', 21'', 22'', 23'', 24'', 25'', 26'', 27'', 28'', 29'', 30''
  • Necklace Extender
  • Buy as a Set & Save
  • Metal
    Mixed Alloy Metal
18.99 17.99 9539-01 Pearl & Crystal Illusion Style Necklace An elegant choice for your bridesmaid jewelry! This pink crystal & glass pearl necklace ends in a gorgeous pearl and crystal pendant for a soft look.

Bridesmaid necklace comes with a 3 extender so you have the flexibility to extend it to the desirable length. Matching bridesmaid earrings are available. Necklace and earrings each sold separately. Available in assorted colors, guarantee to match any wedding theme color.

Great free jewelry pouch if you purchase the bridesmaid necklace and earrings as a set!

See our Crystal Bead Color Chart and Pearl Color Chart.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Rush order is possible.
#9539-01 - Pearl & Crystal Illusion Style Necklace

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