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July 29

Choosing the Right Garter

ivory bridal garter with crystalsThe colour and style of the garter is what’s important. What is your colour preference? Perhaps your preference is soft pastel pink, hot sexy red, pure as silk white, intense sexy black or electric blue, pastel light blue?  This is a very important answer to know and it’s a great starting point. Pick a colour and a style then you are almost there. Do you want a plain garter or a customized one? Consider styles such as white lace, ivory satin, add sweet pearls or spectacular jewellery. It is a treasure that the receiver of this garter will keep. Do you want a bow on it or plain? There are thousands of styles and colours to choose from.  This is an inexpensive decision. You can buy online and pick out the style you want. They start around $20.00 each and up. It may be a good idea to buy a few of them to get an idea of which one you will like best.

The colours are important. You want to pick a sexy red or black garter. You can find these in women’s lingerie. You may want to add rhinestones, pearls, or crystals to it. You will likely want it to match the tiara, headband or dress. You may choose the innocent white colour or an ivory. You can also choose a set. You keep one and toss one.

You also need to consider what size is needed. Measure your leg just above the knee where you will war it. They usually come in one size because of the elastic band. You may need a plus size garter at plus size stores or check online. You can choose something very simple or elegant. You can choose something very plain or extraordinary. Try a purple garter or bright electric colours. Have a garter made especially for you. Consider the shock factor to your guests. Maybe this is what you are going for in the presentation.

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March 12

Throwing garters

Bridal gartersThe throwing of the garter is actually one of the oldest traditions during weddings. In the 14th Century in Europe, it was believed that having a piece of the bride’s clothing was good luck for wedding guests. This actually led to having the poor bride’s dress torn to shreds, so instead the couple began throwing pieces of clothing (such as the garter) to the guests instead. Over the years, this evolved, and the male guests would often get drunk and rowdy, sometimes forcibly removing the garter themselves. This did not sit well with the groom, so then grooms began removing the garters from their new wives to toss to his eager friends. So this tiny scrap of fabric will be seen by everyone at the wedding, and therefore it’s important that it match the rest of the wedding theme.

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March 08

Spring wedding ideas

wedding garter daisyAh spring…is there any better time of the year for a wedding? Aside from the associations between springtime and fertility, these months are the best tme of the year – it’s not that cold that a bride couldn’t get away with a sexy dress, but it’s not uncomfortably hot for a beautiful outdoor wedding set amongst the budding flowers of the season.  With this in mind, brides can incorporate spring themes into their wedding. Why stick with just one of two flowers, when there’s a host of spring blooms you can use? Cornflowers, marigolds, larkspur, petunias, violets, snapdragons…these are just some flowers you can use in bouquets, table settings and reception area. Springtime is also the time for butterflies and birds – why not use these as a theme as well? Paint the banquet hall with colorful butterfly wings, release doves after the ceremony or wear butterfly themed jewelry.

Tags: bridal garter, bridal garters, garter, garters, spring wedding idea, spring wedding ideas, wedding garter, wedding garters

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