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March 03

Reception Toast Guideline

There is no hard rule on when and who should propose a toast for the newlywed couple.  Yes, true indeed that there may be reception toast guidelines set but you can always bend and adjust it depending on how you wanted it to be. Nevertheless, here are some guidelines that you might find useful to follow. If you are to give a toast, you should stay in a place where everyone can see you, either stand in a podium or stage, head table, or simply stand to be recognized. Speak confidently with your voice loud enough to be heard by everyone and don’t garble your words. Let everyone know in the audience of who you are and how you are related to the couple. Speak in simple words and get straight to the point. You don’t have to prepare long speeches, for as long as the message is concise and heartfelt. Focus the topic of your toast to the newly wed couple and end it with wishing them all the best.

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February 28

Popular Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring time is a perfect season for weddings because of the favorable weather, green landscape, and the fresh and newly sprouting grass and flowers. Wedding flowers are perfect this time of the year because they are freshly bloomed and have vibrant colors. The abundance of these flowers can create boundless designs and arrangements. Popular spring wedding flowers include the following. Roses are favorite flowers because you can use them either in full bloom or the buds. They come in different colors but you die them to match your color motif. Its petals also work well as accents in table centerpieces and in combination with other flowers. Hyacinths come in season during spring which has a pretty good fragrance and lovely shape making your arrangements and bouquets unique. Tulips are also popularly used in spring which comes in various colors such as white, purple, red, pink, and yellow. Other spring flowers include gerber daisies, hydrangeas, lilies, and ranunculus.

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February 07

Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding


Spring signifies renewal, growth, and a bright new beginning that’s why many couples choose to be wed during this time of the year. There a so many things to take into account when one is getting married. Here are few tips for planning a spring wedding. First decide on the actual date of the wedding. It could be early in spring or sometime near Easter. Planning this ahead of time makes everything else in the preparation follow smoothly. Choose a theme that can be easily matched during the season. The colors of the season are pastels and lighter hues, so avoid choosing themes that require bold and deep colors. Spring flowers are also abundant and you can make your choice depending on the theme and colors chosen. You can choose a romantic spring sunset wedding, a vibrant outdoor or garden-themed setting, or a playful child-like vibe. For the menu, best selections include freshly grown vegetables, salads, chicken dishes, fruits, and finger-food will go well. You can do all the planning or hire a wedding planner for a hassle and worry free wedding preparations.

Tags: wedding planning, wedding theme, spring wedding planning, spring wedding theme

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