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Before you Say "Yes" to Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid's Duties you Ought to Know
Before you Say "Yes" to Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid's Duties you Ought to Know

Before you Say "Yes" to Bridesmaid, Bridesmaid's Duties you Ought to Know

Hurray! You just received the good news that your friend is getting married and she asked you to be one of her bridesmaids. How wonderful is that knowing that she wants you to be a part of one of the most memorable event in her life. But after all the great euphoria, reality is starting to sink in that being a bridesmaid entails great responsibilities. So before saying "Yes" what are the bridesmaid's duties?

Just Call and I'll be there

You need to make the bride feel that you are just a call away if she needed your help. If she needed assistance on pre-wedding tasks then offer to help her. Always remember that the bride has many wedding details that need to be taken care of before the wedding so make sure you are up on your toes and ready to help her.

Prepare Your Wallet

For your dress, wedding jewelry sets and accessories it would be great if you pay for your ensemble. It would certainly ease the couple's ballooning wedding budget. How great it is to look good in the wedding without being a burden to the couple's wallets. So ready your wallet and pay.

Have the Best Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Party

As a bridesmaid you need to help the Maid of Honor or your fellow bridesmaids plan and pay for the shower and bachelorette party for the bride. Coordinate with them about planning the best party ever.

Clear your Calendar for Wedding Activities

Before the big day most couples ask their wedding entourage for dress fittings, wedding ceremony rehearsals and rehearsal dinners. So as a bridesmaid you need to make sure you are present on these various pre-wedding activities.

The Wedding Day Has Come

So on the wedding day itself there are a lot of things expected of you as a bridesmaid. Assist the bride in getting on her wedding dress. Make sure you check on the groom as well as the wedding entourage. Check if they are already dressed and make sure to attend to any problems before the wedding procession. At the wedding reception be an auxiliary hostess and guide the guests to their seats, introduce them to other guests and asked them to sign in the guest book. In short you are the bride's support team.

So you see there are lots of things to do as a bridesmaid but knowing that you are on the front seat watching your friend walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life trust me it is all worth it.

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