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Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Tips
Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Tips

Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Tips

Make your dream wedding a great spectacle to behold starting with your bridesmaid's dresses. Let's face it, your bridesmaid's look would either make or break your wedding. So give your guests a beautiful prelude of your grand entrance by making sure your bridesmaids look ravishing in their bridesmaid ensemble. So if you are at the crossroads of buying dresses for your bridesmaids here are some dress fashion tips for you.

Bridesmaids Come in Different Sizes

This means that each bridesmaid comes with different body shapes. Some of your bridesmaids might be lean and thin while others are in a plus size. So for example if some of your bridesmaids have bigger bust sizes it would be hard giving them strapless dresses because it lacks enough support. In this scenario you can choose a beautiful chiffon dress with empire waist and sweetheart neckline with dependable straps. Your bridesmaids will look great on them even though they are in different dress sizes.

Color Me Bad

Another tip for you is considering all of your bridesmaid's skin tones. It would be wise to choose color shades that would be flattering to everyone's skin colors. It would be great if you choose colors like black, dark blue or gray or choose deep jewel tone colors. If you want a much brighter colors and not everyone looks good on it you can be creative and make your bridesmaids wear different hues of a main color. For example you want a purple colored dress for your bridesmaids. You can let them choose different hues of purple that they think would be perfect for their skin tone. They can pick between lavender to plum since it still carries the main color scheme that you want. If you go on this road you need to choose one specific fabric for all of them to make it more cohesive amidst the different color hues.

Re-Wearable Dresses

Most of the times the bridesmaids are the one who pays for their dresses if this is your setup with your bridesmaids it would be best to choose on dress color schemes and designs that she will wear again after the wedding. It would be great to have a simple timeless dress design such as an A-line cut or empire waist so she can wear it again on other occasions. Pick colors that will appeal to any occasions such as black, brown and red.

Now that you have some fashion tips in choosing your bridesmaids' dresses have a fun dress shopping with them.

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