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Bridesmaid Invitation: Go Traditional or Be Creative?
Bridesmaid Invitation: Go Traditional or Be Creative?

Bridesmaid Invitation: Go Traditional or Be Creative?

So you are about to get married because you have said "yes" to the person you have waited for so long. Let us go back to the time of the proposal. You were together. You two might be out for a dinner or a stroll in the park or maybe walking along the seashore. Then suddenly down in one knee, looking up to you with those truthful eyes, you wait for the most anticipated question of all. Stunning to hear it, you either smiled or nod to happily accept the proposal. Lovely wasn't it? What an amazing wedding proposal!

Now, let us apply the same to you when you are about to ask your sister or your friend to be your bridesmaid. You can ask plainly of course. But would you? How about going for a bang with it? Be creative. Share the feeling of the proposal you experienced from the love of your life with your bridesmaids. Think of a way that is unique when it comes to delivering the good news to them.

The cards deliver the message

Looking for something so unique, we suggest for the traditional. Making your own cards to invite them to be your bridesmaids will be a creative way to do so. The design will be completely up to you. Decorate it in a way that your bridesmaids will surely love and appreciate. Tie a ribbon or paste your happiest group picture inside the card. Whatever the design is, make sure it is creative. Include the most meaningful message inside as well. Do not settle for the "Will you be my bridesmaid?" tag. Write a little thank you note or something before your proposal. There are a lot of ways and all the creativity is upon your hands.

Wipe the tears of joy

How about the message inside a handkerchief? It will start as folded and you decide to give it as a normal gift but when they see the message inside once they use it, the happiness will be all around. Great idea to surprise them, and they will have something to wipe the tears of joy with.

A box full of surprises

Give them something like a box or a miniature attaché case which you design that contains your invitation to be your bridesmaid for your wedding. At first, they will be eager to know what's inside but once they open it, hugs and laughs will come. Opening something will bring the suspense to a whole new level.

There you go. These are some of the great new ideas on how to tell your closest girls that they will be your bridesmaid. Now it's your turn to make them!

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