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Bridesmaid's Guide to Dealing with a Difficult Bride
Bridesmaid's Guide to Dealing with a Difficult Bride

Bridesmaid's Guide to Dealing with a Difficult Bride

When it comes to the bride and bridesmaids relationships, the bride's ideas and wants usually come first. Well, it's her wedding. Of course she will be in command. But this is not the case always. There will be moments that the bride will be too stressed that she wouldn't be able to make right decisions. Sometimes the stress of planning a wedding will make the bride think irrationally. It is the duty of the bridesmaids to be in the clear mind and see everything in a different angle. The bride in return should listen and consider all the suggestions of her bridesmaids. But what if the bride is difficult to deal with? What should a bridesmaid do? Fortunately here is a guide that would help every bridesmaid deal with a Bridezilla.

Patience is a Virtue

Believe when they say patience is a virtue. As the wedding day grows near the bride becomes more stressed out. A slight problem in the wedding preparations would tick her off easily. So be patient. Just listen to what she wants to say. Try to make her feel that you are there for her all the way and everything will be alright.

Push Her Chill Button

This means that you need to keep her calm. All the stress and pre-wedding problems will make any bride be cranky and difficult to deal with. You can ask her for a half a day of spa pampering to blow off some steams and clear her mind. This would certainly make her feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the task ahead.

Communication is the Key

Always have an open line of communication with the bride. If she tends to be controlling you need to talk to her how you feel. If she has some ideas that you think might not be too great you can talk to her about it. Communication is indeed essential with the bride and her bridesmaids.

Sync Your Calendars

There will be times that the bride will demand more time from you that will destroy your daily routine. Do not cancel her call or hide from her this would make her feel that you are avoiding her. Communicate with her. Make a schedule on what days were you can go with her for dress shopping and fitting as well other pre-wedding activities that she wants you to be there. This way she will know the days that you are not available.

Just remember that you are her friend first and bridesmaid second. So support and understand her even though she tends to become a Bridezilla sometimes.

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