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How Much Does it Cost to be a Bridesmaid?
How Much Does it Cost to be a Bridesmaid?

How Much Does it Cost to be a Bridesmaid?

You just have received a great invitation to be your best friend's bridesmaid on her upcoming wedding and of course you are thrilled about it. But if you are short for cash these days the big question right now is how much does it cost to be a bridesmaid? Let us help you define what are the expenses of being a bridesmaid.

First is the dress. Most brides want their bridesmaids to have uniformity on their dresses so probably expect to pay your dress for about $100-$300. This would be a problem if you are on a budget. So if you are short of cash right now you can tell the bride what you can only afford. Most brides would gladly share the expenses with you.

Next are the shoes. Some brides would just let their bridesmaids choose what shoes they want to pair with the dress. So you can first check your shoe collection at home if one would be a perfect match with the dress. If you really want to buy shoes then choose one that you know you will wear again after the wedding.

One expenses that most bridesmaids should know about are the jewelries as well as hair and makeup. We all want to look good in the wedding so as a bridesmaid you need to take into consideration about this aspect. Most jewelries nowadays are expensive but you can find many beautiful jewelries online that would certainly hit the mark on elegance but still right on the budget. For your hair and makeup having it done at a beauty salon means more expenses for you. Why not ask someone to do your hair and makeup this way you can save a lot of money.

Other expenses would be the cost for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. If you want a catered bridal shower or a destination bachelorette party in Mexico or Las Vegas you need to spend hundreds of dollars for it. But you can just have a potluck bridal shower at your house and have a Las Vegas theme bachelorette party instead to save money.

Gifts are another expense you need to consider. Remember that you not only give gifts to the wedding itself you also will give one for the bridal shower. So if you are short of cash you can have do-it-your-own gifts.

Lastly is the travel expense. If the wedding is in a different place then you need to pay for an airline ticket as well as the hotel accommodations. This would certainly take up a big chunk of your money.

These are all the expenses that any bridesmaids can incur. So you need to weigh things out before accepting the offer to be one.

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