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How to Accessorize your Matron of Honor?
How to Accessorize your Matron of Honor?

How to Accessorize your Matron of Honor?

Every bride aims to make her dream wedding into a reality. That is why she works very hard to prepare every detail of the wedding. One of those which she will surely enjoy doing is accessorizing her wedding entourage. It is like playing a real "Dress-up Barbie." But what if you have a Matron of Honor in your wedding entourage? How would you go about making her look ravishing as she walks down the aisle before you?


Your Matron of Honor can wear the same dress design and color as your bridesmaids but the problem with this is that your guests might not distinguish who is who. Most brides nowadays make her Matron of Honor stand out from her bridesmaids by giving her a different dress design than her bridesmaids. If the bridesmaid wears a strapless dress you can make your Matron of Honor wear a dress with a strap.


Enhance their dress to make it more stunning and elegant by making them wear beautiful wedding jewelries. You can let your Matron of Honor wear different jewelry design with your bridesmaids. For example, you can give her a beautiful centerpiece necklace with matching little dangler earrings. Then for your bridesmaids you can give them a small pendant necklace and have them wear chandelier earrings. To unify all of your bridesmaids as well as your Matron of Honor's looks give them the same bracelets to wear.


As for the shoes, you can make your Matron of Honor wear the same shoes with your bridesmaids especially if you have her wear a different dress design. This would also make a cohesive look among your bridesmaids and your Matron of Honor. Always remember to consider the location as well as the theme of your wedding in choosing the shoes for your Matron of Honor. For example if you have a garden wedding outside in the grass, high heeled shoes might sink into the ground making it difficult for your Matron of Honor to walk. You can have them wear flats or wedges on this setting.

Hair Accessory

Having a great hairdo sometimes isn't enough to give a wow factor in her hair. That is why it would be amazing if you can have your Matron of Honor wear a beautiful side comb or flowers in her hair. You can also make them wear the same comb or flowers with the bridesmaids. Then have her wear a different hairdo than them for her to stand out much more.

Making your Matron of Honor stunning would equal to the beautiful smile she will show on your wedding day. So make a picture perfect wedding starting with your Matron of Honor.

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