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How to Deal with a Bridesmaidzilla?
How to Deal with a Bridesmaidzilla?

How to Deal with a Bridesmaidzilla?

We all have seen the television show Bridezilla. It shows how a gentle bride would become a monster if things don't go her way during the wedding day. They would act like Godzilla ready to annihilate the entire New York City in an instant. But what if your bridesmaids too became bratty and impossible to deal with before the wedding? How can a bride with a million things to do cope up with their grumpy bridesmaids?

First, you need to sit down with her and talk about why she is acting the way she does. Maybe there are some factors in her life that makes her grumpy and bratty so before cutting her off the bridesmaids list, you need to talk to them sincerely. If in case she voiced out that she cannot pay the dress because of monetary issues, then offer to buy it for her as a gift. If in case she doesn't want the style of your chosen bridesmaid's gown nor the color, you can talk to her about it as well. Make her understand that you want uniformity during your wedding which is why you want all bridesmaids to have same dress colors and designs. Settle the problem without making a big fuss about it. Remember that they are your friends. She can next to your family and your future partner as your lifeline. So just talk it all out with her.

If in case she becomes impossible and not showing up during your dress fittings and rehearsals even after leaving her a bunch of voice messages, then contact her through any other medium. You can send her a BBM, leave an email, and post a PM through Facebook or Twitter. If in case she still is a no show, then go give her a visit. A personal visit means she couldn't elude you any longer. Ask her what the problem is. If she is busy with work, then you two can settle a day to have her fitted. You can also give her information about what she needs to do or where she needs to go during the wedding procession. Then ask her to be more focused days before the wedding.

Having a bridesmaidzilla is pretty frustrating knowing that you are expecting them to be on your back 100% as they are your friends. But things happen and you need to deal with it. So talk to them before they are out of their leash and start to run havoc on your wedding.

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