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How to Make your Bridesmaid Look Stunning and yet not Outshine You?
How to Make your Bridesmaid Look Stunning and yet not Outshine You?

How to Make your Bridesmaid Look Stunning and yet not Outshine You?

A wedding is like a fashion show. There will be a procession of stars in the aisle that would certainly take everyone's breath away. But the greatest star of the event should be the bride. After all this is her wedding. But in every fashion show one girl would certainly look more stunning than the other. The real fashion news here is will one bridesmaid outshine the bride in the wedding? The answer here is no.

If you are the bride, do not dwell on this too much. This will ruin your mood and will develop insecurity in you. Remember, you are the bride. You are the biggest star of the day and no matter how beautiful a bridesmaid is, you will be the most gorgeous woman in the event. So the big question now is how can you make your bridesmaid look stunning and yet will not outshine you in your wedding?

First give them dresses that are beautiful and elegant. Do not jeopardize your bridesmaids by giving them unflattering and ugly colored dresses that would make them hefty so that you will shine alone. The best thing to do is find a beautiful uniform dress that would be best for all of your bridesmaid's body shape as well as skin tones. This would make them shine magnificently on their own but since you wear the white dress in a different design than theirs you will surely command attention on your wedding. So keep in mind, dress your bridesmaids to the fullest. Do not drag their legs down because you think that they will outshine you. This never happens in the eyes of the guests. There is a big difference in the elegance of a wedding gown and a bridesmaid's dress.

Second give them bridesmaid jewelry sets that are simple but at the same time very chic and elegant. This would certainly make them sparkle wonderfully as they walk down the aisle. But the simplicity of the jewelries will definitely not overshadow your beautiful wedding jewelries.

For their hair and makeup you can give them a uniform look that would be perfect for them but are different than yours. This would still make them so stunning without them stealing your thunder. Your different hairdo and make up will still make you the belle of the ball.

To make things clearer, your bridesmaids were there for you all throughout your ups and downs in life. A wedding shouldn't ruin a friendship built strong because of who is going to look better. At the end of the day how your bridesmaids look will also reflect on how successful your wedding is. So make them stunning and as happy as possible because they surely deserve it.

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