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Maid of Honor Dilemmas That You Should Know
Maid of Honor Dilemmas That You Should Know

Maid of Honor Dilemmas That You Should Know

There is no such thing as a perfect situation. There will always be problems in any part of your life. Your wedding which is supposed to be the happiest moment in your life will not be spared by these unforeseen bumps. So let us help you prepare yourself in dealing with some wedding dilemmas with your Maid of Honor. So what are indeed the problems that you might encounter when it comes to your maid of honor?

Sister or Best Friend?

Most brides have dilemmas in choosing who will be her Maid of Honor most especially if she has a sister and a best friend which are both very close to her. If you are on this road it would be difficult to choose between the two. It would be great if you assess yourself and really find out who you really want to be your chief attendant. Also consider which can certainly do the Maid of Honor duties without any problem. If they really mean so much to you and couldn't decide then ask the both of them to be your Maid of Honor.

Health Alert

Let us say that in the planning days for your wedding the Maid of Honor was there with you to help you out. All of a sudden, she won't be able to come to your wedding because of health issues. Well, the show must go on. Payments have been made and schedules have been set. It is such a great loss that your chosen Maid of Honor cannot come but you can still honor her title by acknowledging her to the crowd. Have one of the bridesmaids to act like the Maid of Honor in times of need during the wedding.

Mommy-To-Be Maid of Honor

Well your Maid of Honor became pregnant after you ask her to be one. This is a big problem because she needs to be on the move and will encounter stress and you definitely don't want that for her. Here is the thing; she doesn't really have to do everything that will give her lots of burden. You could sort things wherein she can only do minor works like planning, budgeting, making invitations, etc. Have the next closest friend among your bridesmaids who is willing to step-up and help the chosen Maid of Honor for all the tedious work for your wedding.

Accepted But Not Delivering

Your chosen Maid of Honor is not doing her job as one and you don't like it. Talk to her. Explain to her that her time and full cooperation is needed for your wedding to be successful. You chose her to be your Maid of Honor for a reason and accepting it means she is willing to help out. Bond with her as soon as you feel that she is losing interest in your wedding.

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