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On Bridesmaid Duties: Not What to Do
On Bridesmaid Duties: Not What to Do

On Bridesmaid Duties: Not What to Do

Are you chosen to be the bridesmaid for the wedding of your friend or relative? If yes, congratulations! It is a rare opportunity to be a bridesmaid for a wedding. You should feel proud and honored. Take pride because you are a big part of your friend's life.

Will it be your first time to be a bridesmaid in a wedding? Being a bridesmaid involves a greater responsibility. It is not just about simply going to the wedding and be pretty while walking ahead of the bride on the aisle. No, there are more to it than these. You have a lot of things to do. One big mistake on your part and it will make a big impact on the success or failure of the wedding.

Are you feeling scared or nervous? Do not worry. Here we will offer advices on the things not to do when you are tasked to be a bridesmaid for a wedding.

Slash That Frown Off

Your beautiful smile is important throughout the day when you are the bridesmaid. Yes it will be tiring and stressful being the helper of the bride but keep in mind, this is her special day. Do not frown or put on a dull face even though you are feeling exhausted with all the work being a bridesmaid.

Break the Chains on Your Ankles

You have to be on the move all the time during the wedding. You cannot be caught off-guard, not even once. You should stay alert on the things happening throughout the wedding in aide of the bride and also of the guests. Make sure you do not move like a turtle when something has to be done. Be the first to respond to everything which needed attention.

You are Human, Not a Pole

Be always on the move. Do not stick to one place during the wedding or reception. Socialize with the groomsmen or the guests. They will greatly appreciate this. They will feel that they are really welcome in this grand event of your friend's life. You may get tired of doing this but it will be fun, I assure you.

Correct the Wrong

There are maybe foolish guests who want to make a scene in the wedding. You can expect unfortunate events which may probably happen. A wedding is not always a smooth-sailing day. So make sure you act before something escalates into something worse. Do not start anything that may ruin the wedding as well. You are on the side of your bride friend right? Polish everything about the wedding.

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