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Planning the Bachelorette Party: The Last Hurrah from Single Life
Planning the Bachelorette Party: The Last Hurrah from Single Life

Planning the Bachelorette Party: The Last Hurrah from Single Life

The wedding is fast approaching so make the bride take a time off from all wedding preparations and offer a send off party for her last days as a single woman. As bridesmaids, you need to gather these very important ladies for a get together party as the bride's farewell to single life. So if you are planning a bachelorette party, here are some tips for you.

Sit Down Consultation with the Bride

As stated above, you need to ask the bride what she wants and what she doesn't want in the party first. Lay down the plan ala Sin to Win in Vegas or stay at home and have an adult style slumber party. She needs to be comfortable in her own bachelorette party. If she is not into X-rated fun like hiring a male stripper, then you need to take note of that. It would be very painful for her having to go through a party she is not comfortable with. Give to her the list of the people you intend to invite. Make her cut off the list or even add some to make it more meaningful for her.

Be Creative in your Themes

It would be magical if you have an amazing bachelorette party theme. You can have it in your pool like a Spring Break kind of party. You can also hold it in your house like a lingerie party. If in case you are all into rock music, you can try a rock star kind of party where everyone would dress like famous rock stars. In short, you need to be creative in your theme for everyone to enjoy.

Plan the Venue Ahead

Always plan where you want to hold the party ahead of time. If everyone just wants to stay indoors, you can have the party in your own home. If in case guests want to paint the town red, then you can visit a bar you always hang out with or even spend the time on a road trip or in another city. It is important to plan ahead so people can organize their own schedule in case the party is held outdoors or out of town. You also need to hold reservations in hotels, bars and other places.

These are just some of the tips you need to know before planning the greatest bachelorette party for your friend. So grab those pens and papers and start planning!

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