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2-be-unique::Wedding Themes::Dragonfly Wedding::Dragonfly Wedding Theme Collections::Enchanting Dragonfly Flower Girl Basket
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Enchanting Dragonfly Flower Girl Basket
Item # 3065-8

Enchanting Dragonfly Flower Girl Basket
This elegant flower girl basket features silver dragonfly accented with rhinestones.

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2.50 lbs

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Enchanting Dragonfly Flower Girl Basket Cute Flower Girl Basket for the Cutest Flower Girl & other Wedding Accessories

Wedding is the most memorable occasion and every one want to make it special. The nuptials are filled with many traditions and some unique features. Now days there is a trend to theme your wedding reception with elegance and uniqueness. In wedding receptions the cutest thing on earth is the cute flower girl and her flower basket. Themed weddings contains everything matched with a specific theme , like enchanting dragonfly wedding theme there is a beautiful dragonfly flower girl basket which is perfectly sized to fit little hands, and hold just enough petals to get her down the aisle.

It is available in white and cream color, with the beautiful ribbon and a silver dragonfly with dazzling rhinestones on it. It enhances the beauty looks more attractive and charming .Dragon fly wedding ideas comes up with different accessories making your wedding reception perfect. Flower girl basket with dragonfly on it is a cutest thing and above all it is one of the affordable and unique dragonfly wedding accessories. The inexpensive dragonfly wedding accessories includes dragonfly flower girl basket, dragonfly ring bearer pillow, dragonfly wedding guest book and many other items to make your choice easier and keeping it wallet friendly as well.

Ring bearer pillows also enhance the beauty of wedding and how romantic and lovely if it is matched all along with your wedding theme just as if you are going to customize your wedding reception theme with the elegant dragonfly wedding accessories then a dragonfly ring bearer pillow will be a greater combination to set the theme accordingly. A stunning silver dragonfly with rhinestones perches on this ring pillow to symbolize joy, Happiness and a positive effect for your future life.

Cocktail napkins and coasters are possibly not wedding reception items that are on the minds of couples planning a wedding or they are considered in the eleventh hour. But if you had the time and resources plane it, because a simple beverage napkin or coaster can be remembered long and give the excellence as excellence lies in small things so keep it in mind. Consider printed napkins and modified coasters in the colors of your reception theme for making it more lovely and nice. You may choose a simple message of cheers, or a classy symbol to add uniqueness and for sure guests will love this creativity.

Wedding guest books Many times, a guest book is a last minute purchase that is nearly forgotten. And in the end a normal book is being purchased from a local store to full fill the formality. When there are so many choices, there certainly is no justification for uninteresting guest books, align your objects with the theme and what if it is again a beautiful guest book with dragonfly on it. A dragonfly wedding guest book will surely become the center of the eyes of guests and will become the topic of discussion even after the reception. If your reception is profligate and you want to portray a sense of magnificence the themed wedding accessories can do this better for you.

The independence of your choice leads you to choose among the different colors and accessories to apply in your wedding reception so the point is to choose them wisely and let the things happen with affordability and a bit uniqueness . Themes will appeal the guest more by entertaining the guest in a unique manner. So choice is yours, choose, style and enjoy your wedding reception with all the available options because it is after all a big day of your life.
44.99 39.99 3065-8 Enchanting Dragonfly Flower Girl Basket This elegant flower girl basket features silver dragonfly accented with rhinestones.
#3065-8 - Enchanting Dragonfly Flower Girl Basket

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