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Enchanting Dragonfly Toasting Set
Item # 3065-2

Enchanting Dragonfly Toasting Set
Toast in style with these elegant toasting glasses.

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List Pirce:
1.50 lbs
3"x8 1/2"x3"

Color of Ribbon

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Enchanting Dragonfly Toasting Set Enchanting Dragonfly Toasting Set

Planning a wedding has always been more or less stressful, especially for a bride. Sometimes even months are not enough to set everything up and to figure how many guests to have at your wedding. On the other side, it can be real fun to choose the perfect theme and follow it up to every little detail. The first thing to consider is what season represents you the best and then comes choosing the theme. The spring weddings can be lovely, mostly because the guest will feel great thanks to the perfect temperature and weather. This is a season of pastel colors, such as rose, light blue or soft yellow and whatever combination you choose it will turn out to be romantic and unforgettable. To be realistic, weddings can be very expensive, but you don’t have to rent a luxury restaurant in order to have a day of your life. Besides, the spring time brings great weather, so you won’t need anything else but a beautiful garden. When it comes to spring weddings, the dragonfly themed wedding idea is pretty much new since rides usually choose butterflies as a symbol of awaking of a new life. Thanks to the dragonfly themed wedding accessory collection you can have completely different wedding and it will be more beautiful than you can imagine.

Firstly, you are going to need dragonfly guest book and pen, cake server set, ring pillow, flower girl basket, dragonfly toasting glasses and many other things, but now you have it available in one place. The dragonfly themed wedding accessories are very simple and elegant, and they all have white or cream satin ribbon with the silver dragonfly decorated with rhinestones. Its simplicity makes it possible for you to have your dragonfly wedding very easy and imaginative. Your wedding dress can be white or full of colors and your garden can be full of beautiful spring flowers and with the dragonfly decoration on them. Every dragonfly themed wedding accessory is very affordable so you don’t have to think what accessories you must resist – you can have them all. The elegant dragonfly champagne flutes will bring the joy to your new life and you can make a toast and celebrate that special moment with your friends and family. Although the dragonfly wedding is everything but usual, has a sparkle of tradition thanks to the wonderful “must have” accessories with this little detail on them.

Who says that planning idea for dragonfly wedding theme has to be stressful? People usually think that if they want something exceptional, they must spend thousands of dollars on that and they have to look everywhere. That’s not a case anymore – every bride can have the wedding of her dreams and not to think about the financial consequences anymore. The dragonfly is a symbol of change, maturity and power and in this case, you will be entering a new stage of life so you need to be powerful and mature enough to handle it properly.
46.99 43.99 3065-2 Enchanting Dragonfly Toasting Set Toast in style with these elegant toasting glasses.
#3065-2 - Enchanting Dragonfly Toasting Set

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