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Enchanting Dragonfly Unity Candle
Item # 3065-5

Enchanting Dragonfly Unity Candle
Enchanting dragonfly unity candle is unscented, 80 hour burn time.

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Enchanting Dragonfly Unity Candle Enchanting your Reception with Greater Wedding Themes

A great theme can make planning your wedding really joyful event. However, first you have to search a great plan for a theme! Not all wedding themes or designs are equally appropriate for all weddings or brides. We have all visited beautiful weddings that were nevertheless entirely different than our vision of a dream wedding. There are as many sorts of brides as there are possible wedding themes, and if a bride chooses a theme which does not matches well with her plan of a great wedding, things will not go well. It does not matter how admired a wedding concept may be if you will be fighting your own innate sense of style to pull it off. But when you match your wedding pattern to your own unique personality, it will be perfect!

Many of the popular wedding themes are seasonal. You might select a romantic spring garden party for May nuptials or a luau for an August reception. Of course one can never go wrong with the trendy Winter Wonderland theme in December or January. After all, what's not to admire about snowflakes, sparkling crystal wedding jewelry, and beautiful white birch branches? As long as you pick a theme which really speaks to you, the end result is sure to be outstanding.

One of the popular spring themes is dragonfly wedding theme. For many years, people have been fascinated by the attractiveness and delicateness of dragonflies. In fact, ancient cultures have considered the dragonfly as a symbol of transformation, eternity, and union of the soul. For the Chinese, dragonflies usually represent joy and marital bliss. Meanwhile, for the Native Americans, a dragonfly stands for endless happiness. Thus, it is really not surprising that many weddings, both conventional and modern, make use of a dragonfly theme. If you are one of those who want this winged creature to take the center point in the celebration of your marriage, it may be a good idea to provide your guests with dragonfly theme wedding reception favors.

Good wedding favors are usually minute or handy, useful, delightful, and of course, appropriate to your wedding theme. If you do not want your wedding keepsakes to just go straight to the loft or trash bin, you need to make sure that it is something that your guests would be able to use daily. Some of the things that you might think as thank-you gifts to the people who participated your wedding include candles, candle holders, letter openers, place card holders, bottle stoppers and bookmarks. If you have a dragonfly theme wedding, just search for the products mentioned above that have colorful and delicate dragonfly designs.

Dragonfly theme weddings can also be untraditional, trendy and fun. If you want a perfect dragonfly wedding just follow the following steps;

1. Begin with the invitations. Your wedding theme should always set up with your invitations. When you're having a dragonfly theme, select appropriate colors, which can really be just about anything of your choice. Mention the invitation printer about different invitations that can have dragonflies on them. You might emboss a small figure on a traditional white invitation, or you can do something more dramatic with a series of dragonflies watermarked on the back of your invitation or with a cover of dragonfly-printed vellum paper.

2. Move towards the dress. You probably don't desire to have dragonflies all around your dress. However, dresses with frenzy edges, lace, and other small details can fit into your feminine theme well. If you're really bold, have a few dragonflies hand embellished on your dress - around the hem, waistline, or neckline - in gold, silver, white, or pastel colored threads.

3. Use the dragonfly wedding favors. There are all sorts of dragonfly favors you can choose. You can have beautiful dragonfly favor boxes, dragonfly tagged unity candles, or dragonfly shaped jewelry in a matching dragonfly theme jewelry box. Dragon fly unity candles represents harmony and prosperity for the wedding partners so for this reason there is nothing more perfect item then dragonfly unity candles.

4. Decorate environment with lots of dragonflies. Luckily, these make a beautiful wedding decoration. Wrap your whole venue in light colored tulle, and then add in the dragonflies. You can actually buy large versions made from wire and netting, but you can also style your own from tissue paper or fabric, as well.
39.99 36.99 3065-5 Enchanting Dragonfly Unity Candle Enchanting dragonfly unity candle is unscented, 80 hour burn time. #3065-5 - Enchanting Dragonfly Unity Candle

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