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Love Knot Guest Book
Item # 3055-3

Love Knot Guest Book White
Keep a written souvenir of your wedding day with a beautiful satin guest book, decorated with a satin bow. This book accommodates over 300 guest signatures along with personal greetings and has pages devoted to keeping record of bride and groom's family, as well as their wedding party. Available in white and ivory.

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Love Knot Guest Book Love knot guest book

Most brides nowadays pick a particular theme for their weddings. The wedding theme makes the entire celebration extra special and memorable for the couple. Picking a particular wedding theme for a wedding function is up to the couple to decide but one very popular wedding idea is the love knot wedding theme.

Also called lover's knot, the love knot is a symbol of everlasting love between two souls. Two people joined together in holy matrimony are another example of two merging lives. That is why many couples opt for the love knot-wedding theme. Like all eternal things, they want their love for each other represented appropriately on their wedding day.

Once you have decided on a love knot wedding theme, the next step is to find suitable and affordable wedding accessories to go with it. There are many affordable wedding accessories with love theme. Finding unique wedding accessories that fit the love knot wedding theme will require some searching.

On the internet, you will find innumerable wedding accessories but none as elegant and delicately put together as these remarkable white wedding guest books. Like many other accessories at the wedding, your love knot wedding guest book will have great sentimental value for you in later years. The guest book will record the words of each guest at the wedding with a special message to the bride and groom. It will help you keep track of all the guests who attended as well as give them the opportunity to express their feelings for you.

These simple and elegant wedding guest books allows the bride to have her perfect love knot wedding theme at a price so affordable it is hard to believe. Where will you find such an elegantly made wedding guest book for such an affordable price? Not only will it be perfect for your love knot wedding theme, it will enhance your wedding look and give it an extra touch of sophisticated elegance the way all brides want.

Moving on to the quality of the love knot guest books, the guest book pages are made from paper of the highest quality. The bow on top is made from fine satin and silk tied together in an elegant love knot. The surface of the book is all white in keeping with the wedding theme. On opening the wedding book, you will find crisp, white pages displaying an elegant script that is easy to read and understand.

Each page contains specific lines for each guest to record their thoughts and leave their names for the couple to peruse later. There is room for 300 guests to record their messages as well as a separate section to jot down the names of members of the bride and grooms family.

These unique wedding guest books are souvenirs you can be proud to keep. The book is surprisingly light, weighing just 2 pounds with dimensions of 9.5"x6.5"x1". It is available in two lovely colors of white and ivory both equally sophisticated and chic.
49.99 34.99 3055-3 Love Knot Guest Book Keep a written souvenir of your wedding day with a beautiful satin guest book, decorated with a satin bow. This book accommodates over 300 guest signatures along with personal greetings and has pages devoted to keeping record of bride and groom's family, as well as their wedding party. Available in white and ivory.
#3055-3 - Love Knot Guest Book

Copyright 1986-2018 2-be-unique.com. All rights reserved.

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