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Unity Candles & Tapers

Unity Candles & Tapers

Light Up your Wedding Celebration with our Wedding Unity Candle

When we think of candles, we always associate it with romance, serenity, and love. That is why numerous restaurants set the mood for a romantic ambiance through candle light. This would enhance the mood, making it more alluring, warming the heart, and attracting people to dine in such restaurants. A candle also brings serenity which is why many spas around the world put lighted candles in different parts of their premises for their guests to feel serene and calm. There are many uses of candles but when we think of candles, we always connote it with weddings.

So on your wedding day, be traditional and use candles to set up the mood. During the wedding ceremony, you can go for that elegant classy charm by using wonderful candles to light up the altar. Make use of the warmth of candles to also create an amazing yet warm ambiance on your wedding reception. So if you are looking for stunning candles on your wedding, let us be of help. We come up with a great collection of charming candles to go with your wedding themes and ideas.

Welcome to our Unity Wedding Candle section! Here you can find our wide variety of candles for your wedding needs. We do offer large collections of unity candles, memory candles, candle holders and tapers to suit your need for unique wedding themes and ideas. We have an amazing candle taper that your families will light during the wedding ceremony as a sign of the joining together of families. We also offer unity candles that you will light as a sign of your unity as husband and wife.

What's great about our Wedding Candle section is that we have a variety of candle designs to choose from based on your wedding themes and ideas. We do have candles that would be perfect for your custom wedding themes and ideas and even for the most unique wedding favor ideas. So come and visit us to know more about our great offers.

Some wedding themes and ideas for weddings that we want to share include using candles to incorporate the season on which you will be married. If you marry in time for winter, then have winter wedding themes. We do have astounding wedding candle designs to choose for that season. We also have the winter snowflake taper candle set as well as the winter snowflake unity candle selection. If you want to a romantic flair to your candle settings, then you can choose to use our winter romance unity candle instead. But if you marry during the fall season, you can be more creative by following your fall wedding themes by having our fall leaf unity candles.

If you want more visible romantic wedding theme and ideas that would make your guests feel the love that you have shared all throughout your wedding celebration, you can get our taper candles with organza and satin ribbons. What's great about this selection is that you can choose the color of the organza between white and cream to match it with the color of your satin ribbons. Our satin ribbons feature numerous color schemes you can choose from as well. We have the traditional white and cream as well as other colors that would be perfect with your wedding theme colors. We also have available satin ribbons in yellow, green, pink, fuchsia, red, blue and many more shades of colors. Not only that, you can also choose between white and ivory for candle's color.

If you want to follow beach wedding theme and ideas or destination wedding themes and ideas, we do have available nautical unity candles for you. But if you are fond of dragonfly, then you may incorporate a dragonfly wedding theme to your wedding with our dragonfly unity candle. Actually, the choices are endless and all you have to do is start your wedding planning with us.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our Wedding Candle section today!

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